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Some Neat Information About Personalised Travel Mugs

Whether you’re gifting them to clients for an upcoming holiday (Christmas is a popular one) or handing them out to employees to show your appreciation for a job well done, personalised travel mugs are an ideal giveaway that every business can benefit from. Let’s face it – who doesn’t need a strong cup of coffee, tea or even hot chocolate to get through the workday? If you want to learn more about these creative mugs, however, you’ve come to the right place.


Below, we’ve outlined some neat information about these mugs for your convenience:


  • Thermal Materials
    These mugs are manufactured from thermal materials, as these will ensure that the beverage stays hot for as long as possible. As such, stainless steel and ceramic tend to be the materials of choice – they provide an insulated interior that will keep your coffee or tea at the optimal temperature for enjoyment. This is because they conduct heat, so the two will pass heat between each other continuously.


  • Other Materials
    As stainless steel and ceramic heat up, they are often paired with other materials to prevent the user from burning their hands on the outside of the mug. BPA free plastic, acrylic, silicone and even bamboo are all popular choices. It is also possible for stainless steel and ceramic to be double walled, which means that there are two layers of the material, which are separated by a thin gap filled with air.


  • Extensive Styles
    Over the years, personalised travel mugs have come a long way and there are now plenty of different styles to choose from. Whilst the traditional handled design (which resembled a standard cup – just with a lid) is still available, these days there are ample opportunities to show off your individual style. Some options resemble takeaway cups, others drink bottles, and others still a canister of some kind.


  • Lid Styles
    In the same line of thought, the lids for these mugs have also come a long way over the years and there are now a variety of options available, ensuring that you’re able to find the best match for your needs. Screw-on lids are believed to be preferable to those that snap open and closed, as they are less prone to coming off. The beverage hole can also differ – sliders and snaps tend to be the most popular, however.


  • Ease of Portability
    When choosing a mug that you would like to giveaway, be sure to be aware of the standard sizes of vehicle cup holders – a thinner base is best. If you think people are more likely to use the mug at their desk or around the office, however, a wider best could be preferable, as this will make it less likely to tip over. Other elements that you should consider include an anti-skid base or rubber grip at the bottom.


We hope that the information provided above has cemented in your mind that personalised travel mugs are the right decision for your giveaway needs. No matter who you intend the recipient to be, you can rest assured that these mugs will be a beloved and treasured gift that they will enjoy for a lifetime. The ability to enjoy a delicious hot beverage on the go, either whilst in the car or even on the train during your morning commute, will never go unnoticed.